Be inspired by the made in Italy style of the ChiaraD women's collection.


            "If you have an idea, if you want to develop a collection or a new product category, you can entrust your project to Chiarad. We develop and implement your ideas with passion, professionalism and experience. Your project will be followed in all its phases from the idea to the product "
        From the union of diversified experiences and counting on a network of internal / external collaborations, a new B2B company project is born that puts its professionalism and experience at the service of third parties for the realization of their projects.

    Our company offers advice and provides services to operators and companies in the fashion sector: footwear, clothing / beachwear and accessories.


    DESIGNERS AND DESIGNERS who seek support in finding the right production reality to support them in the development of their collections, from design, to sampling, up to production, and which require collaborations with a company as close as possible to their own qualitative and quantitative production needs.

    COMPANIES with their own brand in search of private label production

    COMPANIES that need to develop B2B contacts with supply chain operators, to which our company can support

    BUYERS of chains of stores and / or importers of made in Italy to which our company can support in the search for the product or the producers.


    • Support and support emerging brands and designers to whom we offer the opportunity to realize their ideas and develop their own collection by offering our collaboration and making our knowledge of the supply chain of raw materials suppliers, exclusively made in Italy, available to us. the productive realities of our region.
    • Creating external collaborations based on trust by putting our expertise and the quality of our products at the center of the professional relationship
    • We believe in creating partnerships with companies and buying groups for the promotion of Made in Italy abroad
    • We support and put our organization at the service of established companies, offering them services aimed at the realization of new ideas, products or projects, following for c / thirds one or all the phases that go from the conception to the realization of the product


    Our company is at the customer's disposal and is able to assist him during all stages from conception and design to production, monitoring the production process up to delivery. The collaborations and solutions are studied ad hoc together with the client based on his needs, the product or project he intends to carry out and the services he intends to use.

    For our productions we are supported by partners and collaborators to whom we entrust the production of the collections based on the complexity of the models, the required quality standard, the quantities to be produced and the price level on which the product is placed.


    We operate as a B2B company by contacting operators / companies in the sector 

    footwear, clothing, beachwear and accessories