Be inspired by the made in Italy style of the ChiaraD women's collection.


Our services - Style & Product Studio 


Thanks to the decades of experience of its collaborators in the footwear sector, we can follow and support your company from conception to production / logistics, in one or more or all phases:

Here are the services we offer and the consulting areas in which we operate:


  • Market research through trendbooks and trade shows
  • Definition of seasonal moodboards and color cards
  • Research materials and accessories
  • Design of graphics for customizing your product (prints, embroidery, engravings, accessories, packaging)

  • Design of the collection, research, design and development of creative proposals in line with the identity of your Brand and the collections you want to commission
  • Development of drawings useful for passing information to product offices and to the departments involved in the correct development of the collection
  • Compilation of the technical sheets of the models and structures
  • Design and planning of collections with hand-drawn sketches or with the use of graphic programs according to your stylistic needs



  • Design and development of structures - starting from the idea of ​​the designer we build the structure, creating shape, heel, plateau
  • Model implementation, development and defectiveness
  • Realization of the prototypes: the prototypes are made in the materials chosen to give a first visual image of what the final product will be
  • Realization of samples


  • Production management
  • Control and monitoring of production progress
  • Quality check'


  • Order management for suppliers
  • Organization and management of logistics based on your needs
If you are interested in our services and want to build together with us the solution closest to your needs, write us using the form or if you want contact us by phone