Be inspired by the made in Italy style of the ChiaraD women's collection.

Legal notice

The sale of products on our website ("") is regulated by the following General Sales Conditions.

Products purchased on are sold directly by CHIARAD. SRL. ("CHIARAD." Or the "Seller"), a company with its registered office in Italy, Via Aniello Falcone n.32 Arzano, Naples (NA) with VAT no. 07243021214.

Policy and Right of Withdrawal.


    1.1 The Seller carries out its e-commerce activity exclusively towards its end users who have reached the age of majority and who are "consumers".

    1.2 When we speak of "consumer" we refer to any natural person who acts on for purposes not related to his commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity, possibly carried out. If you are not a "consumer", we invite you to refrain from concluding commercial transactions on

    1.3 In consideration of its commercial policy, the Seller reserves the right not to accept purchase order proposals from parties other than the "consumer" or in any case purchase order proposals that do not conform to its commercial policy, such as, for example, order proposals for which there is a report, or suspicion, of fraudulent or illegal activities. In such cases, the Seller will notify the user of the non-acceptance of the order proposal.

    1.4 These General Sales Conditions regulate the sending of purchase order proposals for the products available on by the user and the acceptance of the same by the Seller.

    2 - CONCLUSION OF THE CONTRACT WITH THE SELLER pursuant to Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70

      2.1 To conclude the purchase contract for one or more products on , you will have to send a purchase order proposal to the Seller electronically by filling out the form available on and following the relevant instructions.

      2.2 Before transmitting the order proposal, we remind you to carefully read the General Conditions of Sale and the Information on the Right of Withdrawal, to print a copy and to memorize or reproduce a copy for your personal use. In accordance with Article 51, paragraph 7, of the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 (the "Consumer Code"), before transmitting the order proposal, we will provide you with a summary of the commercial and contractual conditions that will apply to your order to purchase products and a summary of information on the essential characteristics of each product ordered with the relative price (including all applicable taxes or duties), the payment methods that you can use to purchase each product, the delivery methods for the products purchased, the shipping and delivery costs; as well as the references, geographical address and contact details of the Seller. The Seller, once accepted your order proposal, undertakes to deliver the goods. The Seller will also provide you with a summary of the conditions and methods for exercising your right of withdrawal. If applicable, you will be informed that, in case of withdrawal, you will have to bear the cost of returning the products.

      2.3 On the confirmation page of the order proposal, we will provide you with summary information about the essential characteristics of each product indicated in your order proposal, the price (including all applicable taxes or duties) and shipping costs.

      2.4 The transmission of the order proposal to the Seller constitutes a binding purchase proposal for the user. Before submitting the order proposal, you will therefore be asked to identify and correct any data entry errors.

      2.5 Once you have submitted your order proposal, you will receive an automatic e-mail from the Seller to confirm receipt of your order proposal. The receipt of the aforementioned email does not constitute acceptance of your order proposal.

      2.6 The contract is concluded when your order proposal is accepted by the Seller. The Seller will send you a second e-mail to confirm the acceptance of your order proposal and the shipment of the products. This email will also contain a copy of the General Sales Conditions and the summary document on the Right of Withdrawal.

      2.7 The order proposal sent to the Seller will be stored in our database for the period of time necessary to process the order proposals accepted by the Seller and in any case within the terms of the law.

      2.8 The language available to conclude the contract with the Seller is Italian.

      2.9 The Seller may not accept your purchase order proposals that do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or that are incomplete or incorrect or in the event of unavailability of the products.

      In these cases, we will inform you by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and that the Seller has not accepted your purchase order proposal specifying the reasons. If the products, presented on, are no longer available or on sale at the time of receipt or fulfillment of your purchase order proposal, it will be the Seller's responsibility to inform you promptly and in any case within thirty (30) days to from the day following the day on which you have sent your order proposal to the Seller, any unavailability of the products. If you have already paid the price for the products, the Seller will reimburse, without undue delay, what you already anticipated and the sales contract will be considered terminated.

      The Seller also reserves the right not to accept purchase order proposals in the cases referred to in the previous paragraph 1.3.

      2.10 We remind you that, with the electronic transmission of the order proposal, you unconditionally accept and undertake to observe, in relations with the Seller, these General Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree with any of the terms set out in the General Terms of Sale, please do not submit your order proposal for the purchase of products on

      2.11 By submitting the order proposal, you confirm that you also know and accept the additional information regarding the Privacy Policy and the Notice on the Right of Withdrawal

      3 - Guarantees and indication of product prices

        3.1 The Seller sells exclusively made in Italy products.

        3.2 The Seller does not sell used, irregular or inferior quality products to the corresponding market standards.

        3.3 The essential characteristics of the products are presented on within each product page. The images and colors of the products presented on may however not correspond to the real ones due to the Internet browser and monitor used.

        3.4 Product prices may be subject to updates. Make sure of the final sale price before sending the related order proposal.

        3.5 Purchase requests from countries not included among those displayed on the splash page cannot be accepted by the Seller.

        3.6 All products are provided with an identification tag.

        3.7 All products sold by are covered by the legal guarantee of twenty-four (24) months for lack of conformity, in compliance with the applicable law. The lack of conformity of the product must be communicated to the Seller. In case of lack of conformity you have the right to request the repair or replacement of the product. In the event that the aforementioned remedies are not possible or are excessively burdensome, you will be entitled to a reduction in the price paid or to the termination of the sales contract, pursuant to art. 130 of the Consumer Code.

        4 - Payments

          4.1 To pay the price of the products and the related shipping and delivery costs, you can follow one of the methods indicated in the order proposal form. In no case will you be charged more than those actually incurred by the Seller, in relation to the payment instrument you have chosen.

          4.2 In case of payment by credit card, the financial information (for example, the number of the credit / debit card or the date of its expiration) will be forwarded, via encryption protocol to the Paypal circuit, which provides the relative electronic remote payment services , without third parties having access to them in any way. Furthermore, such information will never be used by the Seller except to complete the procedures relating to your purchase and to issue the related refunds in the event of any return of the products, following the exercise of your right of withdrawal, or if it becomes necessary prevent or report the commission of fraud on to the police.

          5 - Shipping and delivery of products

            To find out the specific methods of shipping and delivery of the products, consult our POLICY SHIPPING from the section HELP - shipping times and costs from the menu on the left. Please pay attention to what is reported in this section because the indications contained therein form an integral and essential part of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and, therefore, they are considered to be fully known and accepted at the time of transmission of the order proposal.

            6 - Customer support

              You can request any information by e-mail using our form or by contacting us by phone. All our contact details are indicated in the section CONTACT of our Menu.

              7 - Right of withdrawal

                7.1 In accordance with art. 52 of the Consumer Code, you have the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller, within 14 days, starting from the day of receipt of the products purchased on In some specific cases, duly reported in the Right of Withdrawal section, it will be possible to change the item chosen with another.

                7.2 In accordance with art. 54 of the Consumer Code, you can withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller by sending online the Return Form that asks us by e-mail, fully completed; in this case, the Seller will send you confirmation by e-mail of receipt of the declaration of withdrawal

                7.3 In accordance with art. 57 of the Consumer Code, once the withdrawal from the contract has been exercised, you will have to return the products to the Seller delivering them to the courier for shipment within 14 days starting from when you notified the Seller of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

                7.4 The only expenses at your expense are those for returning the purchased products.

                7.5 The Seller suggests that you use the DHL shipper to return the purchased products.

                7.6 The right of withdrawal - in addition to compliance with the terms and procedures described in the previous paragraphs 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 - is considered exercised correctly if the following conditions are also fully met:

                1. the right of withdrawal must be regularly exercised within 14 days of receipt of the products;
                2. the products must not have been used, worn, washed;
                3. the identification tag must still be attached to the products which is an integral part of the good;
                4. the products must be returned in their original packaging (if you want to return a kit, you must return all the items that compose it);
                5. returned products must be delivered to the shipper within 14 days starting from when you notified the Seller of your decision to withdraw from the contract;
                6. the products must not be damaged.

                Pursuant to art. 59 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal is also excluded in the event that you have purchased packaged products that do not lend themselves to being returned for hygienic reasons or related to health protection and have been opened after delivery.

                7.7 The Seller will make the necessary checks to verify the conformity of the returned products to the conditions and terms indicated in the previous paragraph 7.6.

                If the right of withdrawal is exercised following the procedures and terms indicated above, the Seller will send you, via e-mail, the relative confirmation of the acceptance of the products returned and will refund any sums already collected for the purchase of the products according to the methods and terms provided.

                7.8 The sums will be reimbursed to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 14 days from the date on which the Seller became aware of the exercise of your right of withdrawal, we will activate the refund procedures, once the correct has been verified execution of the terms and conditions indicated above.

                7.9 If the methods and terms for the exercise of your right of withdrawal are not respected, or in the case referred to in art. 59 of the Consumer Code, you will not be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts already paid to the Seller. The Seller will notify you by e-mail of the rejection of your return.

                The Seller assumes no responsibility for products returned by mistake or items forgotten in packages or returned products.