Be inspired by the made in Italy style of the ChiaraD women's collection.


" is the online store of Chiarad. Fashion brand born in 2012 that designs and markets its products all over the world.

The Chiarad brand. realizes clothing and accessories in leather, beachwear and women's shoes in a glamorous and casual chic style with luxury details.

Authentic expression of femininity and elegance, synonymous of Made in Italy quality and creativity.

Chiarad's creations. with its details, colors and lines, they express the personality and style of the woman who wears them.

Every creation, imagined and studied in detail, is born from an inspiring idea, from a set of sensations and revelations

which take the form of a dress to wear and an experience to share.

The quality of the materials and the creativity in line with the new trends are characteristic elements of the company's products, as well as the attention to detail and wearability.

Chiarad creations. are aimed at a young woman who wants to convey a sense of femininity and sensuality.

The production is strictly "Made in Italy", the result of a craft experience that allows to combine the aesthetic sense with the quality of the product.

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«If you have an idea, if you want to develop a collection or a new product category, you can trust Chiarad. your project. We develop and implement your ideas with passion, professionalism and experience. Your project will be followed in all its phases from the idea to the product »

The Chiarad. srl advises and creates collaborations with third parties, offering style and product study services and curating

all the phases from the conception to the realization of the product.

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